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Wandering Association

We believe that Nature and Wellness go hand in hand. That’s why our Events, Wander Trips, Workshops, Wander Boxes, & more are inspired by Nature.

nature’s path to wellness

Wander Parks and Nature Preserves near you. Go on a Wellness Trip. Organize Conservation Projects. Take a journey into self-discovery.

Exposure to nature is proven to improve your mood, help your physical well-being, and boost your energy.  Join Wandering Association and you’ll be empowered to wander in nature and participate in outdoor events. Join wellness groups, get involved in conservation projects, learn more about wellness, and be immersed in all things nature.  Your wellness depends on nature, and nature depends on you.

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wander trips

Go on a Wander Trip with Wandering Association and treat yourself to Nature, Wellness Activities, Healthy Cuisine, and Relaxation for your Mind and Body.

Wellness is Waiting.

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Jewelry – Art – Photography –  Wellness products & More

*Help Conserve Nature with Every Purchase!

wander box

Nature & Wellness in a Box.